Calgary Drug Houses a Problem

Residents in Panorama Hills, Calgary, have recently voiced their frustrations with a suspected drug house. In an interview with CBC, The Panorma Resident, who did not wish to be identified for fear of retaliation, complained that despite numerous calls to police, the house was largely ignored by authorities.

“I’m quite fed up,” she said. “They’re breaking the law, they’re not respecting the neighbourhood that we’ve built…. It makes me concerned that when they need money, will they break into my house? My vehicles have been broken into several times. It just worries me, it makes me worried for my family.”

The unidentified resident continued by stating that she had seen many people come and go from the residence, usually only staying for a minute or two. She frequently witnessed people leaving money in barbecues and meeting in outdoor sheds.

Illicit Drug Use & Related Crime

The resident went on to say that not only does she worry about the violence associated with illicit drug dealing, but she worries about the petty crime that goes along with it.

“I worry about the crime that comes with illicit drug use,” she said. “They go hand in hand, so if someone doesn’t have enough money to buy drugs, maybe they’ll break into my house, maybe they’ll break into my car again. All of it just concerns me.”

The Authorities Side

Despite many calls by numerous residents in the neighbourhood about the supposed drug house, to date the operation hasn’t been investigate. The resident has contact Calgary Police Services, Crime Stoppers, and The Safer Communities & Neighbourhood Program, but to no avail.

The real problem with investigating drug houses is thought to be a lack of evidence beyond speculation.

“In most of the cases, we are frustrated as well,” said SCAN investigator Brent Pickard. “We have a level of evidence that we have to obtain to take action on the property and some cases take longer than others.”

Illicit Drug Trade

Calgary’s booming economy has increased the demand for illicit drugs in Calgary, including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine’s, as well as party drugs like MDMA and ecstasy. Police have noted incidents like this are on the rise.

If you have been charged in connecting with possession or or trafficking (drug dealing) in Calgary it is important to contact a profession drug lawyer.

Posted on June 19th, 2013