Canada Day DUI Charges

It’s that time of year again. Canada Day is upon us. The collective country will be celebrating the birth of our nation. Festivities around the city will be had. Some will be family-oriented, and others will be parties with the potential of going a little far.

Police Presence

It’s important to note that police traditionally step up their presence on the streets of Calgary around all major holidays, and that includes Canada Day. Roads tend to be swollen with families and party-goes alike, and CPS make it their duty to try to make sure that everybody gets home safely.

What You Should Expect

Calgary Police Service run the only year-round CHECKSTOP program in Canada, and it will be very likely that the crash bus will be out on the streets somewhere trying to catch impaired drivers. However, CHECKSTOPs are not the only way police will catch a DUI. CPS reports that at least 65% of DUI charges are laid after police make a routine traffic stop. Drivers who think they can get away with avoiding a CHECKSTOP and DUI should think again. Police will have increased their presence on roads with the express purpose of catching drunk drivers. Don’t be one of them.

Drugs & Alcohol

Police don’t just look for signs of the consumption of alcohol. Impaired driving is when your ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired by alcohol or drug.

If an officer has a reasonable suspicion that a driver is impaired by a drug the Criminal Code of Canada gives the police the power to demand that a person perform a physical sobriety test at the road side that is conducted by a trained evaluating officer. If the evaluating officer determines the driver is impaired then the driver will be arrested for impaired driving.

Contact Us

If you have been charges with a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is important that you contact a professional DUI legal representative to understand the full ramifications of the charge. A DUI charge will have lasting effects of your criminal record and your ability to drive. Call us now.

Posted on June 26th, 2013