Suspect Killed and Officer Injured in Edmonton Shooting

One man was shot and killed, and the conflict left a police officer injured from a gunshot wound in Edmonton. This is the second officer on duty to have been injured in recent gun related violence.

The shooting happened on a Sunday evening while police were investigating a property in southwest Edmonton on a search warrant. The police report indicated there was β€œan exchange of gunfire with a suspect, who died at the scene.” Following the shooting, a police officer was taken to hospital with a non-life-threatening gun shot wound.

A resident of the townhouse, Shawn Dunington, heard shots outside his suite:

“There was nine for the first set, then angry shouting, then eight (shots), then silence, ” said Dunington. “By that point I had gotten to the corner and started dialling 911. I poked my nose around the corner a quick second and there was a vehicle up there and a guy lying down beside the truck.”

In a statement following the Edmonton shooting, Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis said the violence “serves as another stark reminder of the dangers our police and peace officers face daily.”

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Posted on May 30th, 2014