Cocaine Possession in Alberta

Cocaine use has seen a resurgence in recent years among social drug users in the province of Alberta. Crack cocaine, a modified version of cocaine that – like the drug it is derived from – is highly addictive, has also been growing as a drug of choice.

Under Alberta law, however, it is considered a heavy drug and treated with due severity, as the legal consequences clearly indicate.

Penalties for Possession

Don’t underestimate your predicament if you have been charged with dealing cocaine, possession of cocaine, or possession of or trafficking crack cocaine.

As an example of how tough the laws are, consider these possible sentences:

  • Up to 7-year prison term for cocaine or crack cocaine possession
  • Life sentence for trafficking of cocaine or crack cocaine

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, facing single or multiple charges, the Alberta legal system (or the Crown) often makes very effort to fully prosecute those accused of possession or trafficking of cocaine because of its addictive properties and negative effects, and its connection to street crime and gang violence.





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Defending against Possession Charges

The drug possession criminal defence lawyers at Claxton & Hoare have a depth of experience in defending criminal cases involving drug possession across western Canada, in the process of influencing search and seizure law in Alberta. He knows the complexities of the system.

From asking the right questions to targeting the weaknesses in a prosecution case, our drug possession attorneys will build the defense that has the best potential to lessen the severity of charges and reduce penalties.

Don’t accept the worst possible fate. Hire a skilled drug defense attorney to help you fight the charges and have your sentence reduced or dismissed altogether. Call Ryan Claxton today, 1-587-315-0447.

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