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In Alberta, being found in possession of drugs – marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, prescription pills or other illegal substances – can result in heavy fines, court-ordered treatment or jail time.

If you have been arrested and charged with a drug offence, you need legal representation immediately.

Fighting your charge for possession of drugs

Often, accusations of drug possession are not as cut and dried as simply having the drugs in your possession. Alberta law stipulates that it must be proven that you had knowledge of and control over the illegal substance.





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Building a solid defence with a solid team

Drug possession criminal defence attorney Ryan Claxton has spent a great deal of his career defending criminal cases involving drug possession. His legal work has influenced search and seizure law in Alberta and he knows the complexities of the system.

From asking the right questions to targeting the weaknesses in a prosecution case, our drug possession attorneys will build the defense that has the best potential to lessen the severity of charges and reduce penalties for possession of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, meth or other illegal drugs.

Our drug possession lawyers understand that each case has its particular circumstances. We will ask the right questions and challenge those aspects of the case that will best counter the charges against you:

Was the search properly executed?
What is the quality of the evidence against you – is there anything questionable?
Was there a search warrant, and what did it cover?
Was there probable cause to issue a search warrant, and were the terms of the warrant executed properly?
If a wiretap was used, was there probably cause to justify it?

Drug possession charges are only the beginning of the legal process. Taking ownership of the process and securing strong legal counsel now will help you arrive at the best possible outcome for you.

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