Impaired Driving License Suspension

With changes to Alberta’s impaired driving law, Bill 26, you could be hit with a vehicle seizure and licence suspension at .05 blood alcohol content. While .08 BAC remains the legal limit, impaired driving sanctions – including seizing a vehicle or suspending your license – can be imposed at .05 BAC.

More impaired driving charges are occurring in Alberta as police monitor drivers for suspicion of impaired driving involving drugs, not just alcohol. Illegal or prescription drugs can alter driving ability significantly and driving while under the influence of these drugs can also result in an impaired driving charge.

Duration of License Suspensions

Changes to Alberta DUI law have extended the length of suspensions from 24 hours to:

  • 1st offence: 3-day license suspension
  • 2nd offence: 15-day license suspension
  • 3rd offence: 30-day license suspension

In addition, you will also have to cover fees for towing and impounding your vehicle.





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Additional Penalties

Bill 26 in Alberta extends the length of license suspension for infractions involving .08 blood alcohol content or higher until the criminal charge is resolved. In effect this could mean an indefinite suspension, as court dates may take up to a year to secure. If convicted, further penalties and/or restrictions will likely be applied.

Beat Your DUI Charges

The task of the impaired driving attorney is to raise questions as to the accuracy of the charges and the way in which the charges were laid. There may be reason to believe you were impaired, but there may also be reason to believe otherwise.

For example, our experienced team at Ryan Claxton employs different strategies in conjunction to cast doubt on the charges:

  • Calling into question the methods of determining sobriety
  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop
  • Challenging the police investigation
  • Cross-examining witness testimony
  • Undermining the Crown’s evidence using expert toxicologists’ testimony
  • Challenging legislation, codes or statutes, or DUI laws

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