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Under 18 and under the influence in Alberta

The legal age to drink in Alberta is 18, but we all know teenagers don’t always obey the law. If they are caught behind the wheel while impaired the repercussions can be heavy.

Canada has a zero tolerance law for young offenders who are convicted of drinking and driving (or driving while intoxicated). A blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above .02 is all that is needed to wind you up in serious trouble.

Police can automatically charge a young offender with impaired driving without any additional evidence once their BAC registers .02. Severe legal and administrative penalties may be applied.





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If convicted of a juvenile DUI, your young driver could end up saddled with:

  • Heavy fines,
  • Loss of driving privileges, or
  • Even a jail sentence.

An underage DUI for a driver who has a graduated driver’s license (GDL) also comes with an automatic seven-day vehicle seizure.

Beyond penalties and fees for a juvenile DUI offense, there is the stigma that such a sentence carries with it. It’s not a great first mark to make on the world.

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