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Alberta laws draw no fundamental distinction between motorcycle or automobile drivers when it comes to drinking and driving. The DUI laws are the same, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

If you are pulled over and found to be above the .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) legal limit while riding a motorcycle, you will face criminal charges for riding a motorcycle while impaired. Under Alberta’s Bill 26, you may also be charged with being impaired while riding a motorbike if you register .05 BAC or higher. Either charge comes with immediate penalties, however, being over the .08 BAC legal limit exposes you to criminal charges whereas a charge for being .05 BAC doesn’t.

Penalties for DWI while riding a motorcycle

As with penalties for drinking and driving in a motor vehicle, a DWI while riding a motorcycle can result in:

  • License suspension
  • Vehicle seizure
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Prolonged driving suspension, or
  • In the most serious cases, jail time

Prosecution may also seek higher penalties for motorcyclists caught for DUI, as motorcycle riding while impaired is viewed as a high risk activity that may endanger more than just yourself.





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Indicators of impaired driving while on a motorcycle

Exhibiting risky behaviours while riding may cause police to suspect you are driving drunk while riding a motorcycle.

Some examples of the types of activity an officer may watch for are:

  • Changing lanes unsafely
  • Showboating – wheelies, endos etc.
  • Signaling improperly
  • Violating motorcycle helmet law
  • Speeding excessively
  • “Peeling out” or spinning your wheels

Such behaviour may provide probable cause for a police officer to pull you over and administer tests to determine whether you are impaired while driving your motorbike.

Fight motorcycle DUI charges

Our experienced motorcycle DUI lawyers will examine the particulars of your charges and challenge the evidence. calling into question the findings of the police and other experts. Trust your impaired driving defense to our legal experts. Call Ryan Claxton today, 1-587-315-0447.

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