Out Of Province DUIs

Charged with DUI in Alberta, from out of province

Being from another province – or country – does not exempt you from prosecution under Alberta’s laws. While you are in Calgary, Alberta, the laws of this province apply to you, without exception. If you are charged for drinking and driving while visiting or working here temporarily, you will be subject to the full force of the law.

Special considerations for out of province DUI charges

What’s more, a charge or conviction for drunk driving in Alberta can also carry over to your home province and affect your driving privileges there as well. Being licensed in another province is unlikely to alleviate your legal distress, and may in fact add to it.

The province that issues your motor vehicle license maintains authority over that license, and can suspend or rescind it at will if it so chooses. Even if you are charged for impaired driving in Alberta and penalized here, the issuing province may also suspend driving privileges once made aware of your legal issues in Alberta.

Because of this overlap of jurisdictions, getting charged with a DUI in another province may actually compound the issue, making the legalities more complex. Having a skilled DUI lawyer to guide you through this process is essential.





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Wherever you are from, if you are charged with an impaired driving offense in Calgary or elsewhere in Alberta, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer who can navigate the cross-provincial complexities of an out of province DUI charge.

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