Assault Causing Bodily Harm

In legal terminology, physical assault is explained as the “unwanted touching” or “touching without consent” of one person by another. This covers a broad range of possible offenses such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Public mischief charges
  • Uttering threats
  • Obstructing police officers
  • Robbery
  • Murder





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Claiming Self-Defense

Using self-defense as a legal argument is very technical in criminal assault cases. The knowledge of how and when to apply self-defense arguments is one of the key benefits of hiring a skilled assault and battery lawyer. Ryan Claxton’s experienced criminal law team will use such techniques to parry prosecution charges.

Fines, court-ordered treatment and prison sentences may accompany a conviction for aggravated assault. Self-defense is a common and effective strategy if invoked properly, and can be successful in basic assault cases as well as aggravated assault. assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and even murder.

Fight domestic assault charges in Calgary

Our domestic assault lawyers can employ various strategies in your defense, working with prosecution to lessen charges through the use of the “810 peace bond” or restraining order, or other methods. Our legal experts are here to help you through the process to clear your name.

Violence and self-defense in the workplace

Certain workplaces can become powder-kegs. When the right conditions occur at once – high periods of stress, tense working relationships, harassment – combined with a powerful trigger, a chain reaction is set off and self-defense may become a necessity. In the case of a bar or nightclub, for example.

Self-defense can be employed as justification in a wide variety of ways:

  • Provocation in bar fights
  • Over-serving alcohol
  • Doorman responsibilities / bouncer responsibilities
  • Weapons in a night club
  • Metal detectors
  • Dress codes

Hire a Skilled Defence Lawyer

If you are convicted for a violent crime, your life will be permanently impacted. Beyond serving time, you may have to submit your name to the Federal Child-Protection registry, or have other sanctions placed on you after your release.

Don’t face the consequences alone – call Ryan Claxton’s skilled criminal defense lawyers today, 1-587-315-0447.

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