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Charged in Alberta for illegal weapons?

Recent amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada have greatly upped the penalties for a weapons charge conviction. Possession and transport of illegal firearms is a serious offence in Alberta, carrying a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

Other potential outcomes include:

  • 3 years imprisonment for a first offense
  • 5 years imprisonment for a second offense or subsequent offense
  • On a summary conviction, the prison sentence will not exceed 1 year imprisonment

Types of firearms charges in Alberta

The criminal code regulates a number of other activities associated with firearms possession, including:

  • Possession of a prohibited weapon or restricted weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Misuse of dangerous weapons
  • Possession for purpose of trafficking weapons
  • Weapons trafficking





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Transport of firearms into Canada

The laws governing transport and use of firearms in Canada are quite different from those in America, as set out in US Weapons Laws.

The movement of firearms and ammunition across the Canadian border is strictly controlled by Canadian law enforcement. If you are crossing the border into Canada you are required to report to law enforcement and disclose and present any firearms you are carrying with you.

This requirement extends to American citizens. Carrying a firearm within your vehicle across the US/Canadian border is also a chargeable offense if unreported, despite having a valid registration.

Transgression of these laws could leaving you facing serious consequences. Failure to disclose any firearms contained in your vehicle during a vehicle search could lead to criminal charges, a prison sentence and other serious penalties, including being taken immediate custody.

Defending firearms charges in Alberta

Given the serious nature of the charges and the penalties for conviction of these offenses, whether trafficking of firearms, possession of weapons or other transgression, you need to hire an experienced firearm possession defence lawyer to protect your interests in the case of a firearms charge in Calgary, Alberta.

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