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Charged for Solicitation of Prostitution in Calgary, AB?

The laws surrounding solicitation and prostitution in Canada are complex, leaving room for interpretation: but also room for error.

For example, prostitution is not a crime in Canada and neither is trading sexual services for money. However, many activities associated with prostitution are offenses, making the sexual trade fraught with complex legalities.

If you are charged with prostitution or arrested for paying for sex, or facing any other related prostitution charges, you need a skilled prostitution and solicitation lawyer to defend your rights.





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What is Solicitation as defined by Alberta law?

Under article 213 in the Criminal Code of Canada, solicitation is defined as communicating with another person in a public place, with the intent to engage in the act of prostitution. As such, it is against the law in Alberta to solicit someone by offering, or requesting, sexual services.

Other offenses related to solicitation or prostitution

In addition to being against the law to solicit for sex, there are several other prostitution charges or related charges including:

  • Engaging in sex in a public place
  • Operating a bawdy house or offering to take a client to a bawdy house
  • Living off the avails of prostitution (“pimping”)
  • Forcing someone into prostitution
  • Buying sexual favours or communicating with intent to buy sexual favours from anyone under the age of 18

Consequences of prostitution charges in Calgary, AB

If you are convicted under Canadian criminal law of prostitution charges, you could be facing severe penalties that could affect your career, your life and your family now and for the rest of your life.

As a result of a conviction you may be forced to:

  • Serve a prison sentence
  • Forfeit your vehicle
  • Add your name to the National Sex Crimes Register
  • Attend mandatory counselling

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