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Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape, Date Rape, Child Molestation

If you or someone you know is facing conviction on sexual assault and rape charges, a significant prison sentence and a lifetime requirement of having to register as a sex offender can be very likely. The Ryan Claxton’s criminal defense team in Calgary will apply their vast knowledge of the law and prosecution methods to protect you if you are facing sexual assault-related charges.

Sexual harassment and assault cases are often won or lost based on the work done during pre-trial investigation and preparation. Our defense team will review and critically examine all phone records, voicemail messages, e-mails, text messages, social networking chats and instant messages relevant to your case. No stone will be left unturned in challenging prosecutors, testing witness testimony, or employing experts to perform independent investigations, and interviewing our own witnesses.

We will build a Comprehensive Sexual Assault Defense for you

Alleged victims of sexual assault are often closely acquainted with the accused, or work with the accused, so our approach involves a thorough investigation of past histories and personal relationships.

In some instances, sexual assault charges aren’t filed until years or decades later, often requiring research experts who can uncover evidence that will aid in your defense.

Our violent crimes and sexual assault defense lawyers are ready to aggressively defend your freedom when you face the following:

  • Sexual assault charges
  • Aggravated sexual assault charges
  • Sexual interference with a minor charges
  • Invitation to sexual touching charges
  • Forcible confinement charges
  • Sexual exploitation charges





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Don’t Waste Time Defending A Sexual Assault Charge

If you need a lawyer for rape, sexual assault charges, physical assault charges, aggravated assault charges, domestic assault charges, or any other violent crime charges or indictable/felony assault charges you must seek legal counsel immediately.

Even if you are accused of attempted sexual assault, our criminal defense team in Calgary is the representation you want by your side. Failing to retain an experienced legal defense could result in a harsh sentence.

Ryan Claxton’s criminal defence team will construct a clear strategy for presenting evidence to support your defense against sexual assault accusations. Our trial experience employs proven tactics for witness cross-examination, and challenges to the police investigation and the prosecution’s case. Our lawyers for criminal aggravated assault and sexual assault have successfully defended clients in the following areas involving violent crime defense:

  • Sexual assault charges
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Murder charges
  • Uttering threats
  • Obstructing peace officers
  • Robbery charges
  • Disorderly conduct charges
  • Aggravated assault charges
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Public mischief charges

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Being convicted of a violent sex crime can have a devastating impact on the rest of your life; your work, career, your financial situation, and your family life may be affected long after your sentence is completed. You may be required to submit your name to federal child-protection registries, you may be denied admission to some graduate school programs, or even be prevented from practicing in your profession. A conviction may also further impact your ability to volunteer, coach in youth leagues, or being involved in any of your children’s recreational, sports or social activities. If you have been arrested on assault and battery, violent crime or sexual assault charges don’t risk your future. Contact our highly aggressive and professional defense team at the The Law Offices of Ryan Claxton.

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