Card Fraud Charges In Alberta

Using someone else’s banking cards (credit or debit) illegally to make a transaction – for the purchase of goods, services or transferring money between accounts – can carry severe legal and financial penalties.

If you are convicted you may face an extended prison sentence, costly fines and other fees associated with the processing of your case in the courts. Your ability to conduct normal financial transactions may be impacted as well, with negative affects to your reputation, employment and personal freedoms.

Types of credit card fraud

Several types of credit card (e.g. prepaid debit/Visa/Interac, Mastercard, American Express) fraud exist, each with its own set of rules and potential penalties. You can be prosecuted for committing any of the following, as well as potential other related charges:

  • using lost or stolen credit cards
  • obtaining credit cards illegally via post
  • using or distributing counterfeit cards
  • accessing someone else’s credit card accounts or account numbers
  • stealing personal identification numbers (PIN)
  • obtaining equipment or instruments to carry out credit card fraud

There are considerable penalties for distributing counterfeit credit cards, credit card or debit card theft and fraud.





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