Forgery Charges in Alberta

Falsely making or altering writing which cause another person’s legal rights or obligations to be affected is typically defined as forgery. It is a very common white collar crime that is often used in conjunction with various types of fraud and identity theft. As such, you may be facing multiple charges at once.

If you are convicted of forgery and associate charges, you may be facing severe legal and financial penalties. Sorting out your legal situation requires the help of an experienced white collar crime lawyer who can help construct a defense against fraud crime charges.

Typical Forgery Activities

Among the common examples of what constitutes forgery are any of the following, undertaken with the intent to defraud a business or individual:

  • To falsely manufacture, alter or change any document, cheque, paper or other type of instrument
  • To possess a falsified written instrument
  • To present or offer any documentation that has been forged or falsified





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The Evolving Nature of Forgery in Alberta

Many types of forgery crimes are becoming more common today due to computer and online banking technology that was not even available 10 years ago. Forging, endorsing or using forged cheques, credit cards or travellers cheques – and presenting these to a financial institution – are all examples of forgery.

Not all forgeries involve stealing money or financial instruments. Other illegal forgery activities include:

  • Signing a fake name after an arrest
  • Attempting to obtain employment under a false name
  • Seeking medical care under a name other than your own

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The irony is, being convicted of stealing someone else’s identity you may irreparably harm your own. The damage done by a criminal conviction for forgery may make it hard to gain trust in career or social circles in the future. Protect your name and identity, call Ryan Claxton today at 1-587-315-0447.

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