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Charged for tax evasion in Calgary, AB?

In Canada, private and commercial tax revenues are governed by the Canadian Revenue Agency. The CRA is often considered to be a very rigid bureaucratic agency that has very strict deadlines and policies, making legal dealings with the agency a long and arduous matter for anyone unfamiliar with tax laws.

If you are brought up on charges for unpaid taxes or tax evasion, you could be facing years of prosecution as well as:

  • Compounding interest for unpaid taxes
  • Seizure of personal assets and property
  • Significant jail time

Clearly, this is where you can benefit from the services of our experienced tax evasion lawyers, who can help you conform to the extensive and rigourous requirements of a tax evasion charge. It is important to note that a skilled tax lawyer also knows that how to exercise your legal right to request and suppress certain aspects of the case.

Beyond the complexity of the proceedings, as a federal agency the CRA has other advantages at its disposal. It doesn’t operate within the typical parameters of provincial court. The department can draw on almost endless resources to extract whatever assets they can for the Government of Canada’s benefit, yet another good reason to hire an experienced tax lawyer.





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Preparing a defense against tax evasion charges in Alberta

Typically, a CRA prosecution will require a significant weight of documents from both you and the agency. Preparing these files may take years or research, interviews and paperwork to uncover and compile in proper order.

The experienced tax lawyers at the Ryan Claxton law group can defend you from charges including:

  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to file
  • Failure to pay GST
  • Failure to pay Provincial tax
  • Failure to pay corporate tax
  • Filing a false statement
  • Misleading statement
  • Customs violations (failure to declare money, jewelry or other merchandise when crossing the national border)

Hire an experienced Calgary tax lawyer now

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