Facing Trust Crime Charges in Calgary, Alberta?

Embezzlement is the most common popular term for trust theft. but it may also be known as employee theft or workplace theft. Depending on the size of the theft, the penalties associated with such crimes can be significant.

Reporting and charging accused employees is common company policy for most employers, to avoid liability related to potential financial losses.

Embezzlement and Employee Theft

For the most part the terms embezzlement and employee theft are synonymous. Two major categories distinguish the types of embezzlement charges you may be facing:

  • Theft under $5000 – covers all trust crimes where the amount stolen is less than $5000. In these cases, the lesser amount means there is a chance you may not be prosecuted for a white collar offense.
  • Theft over $5000 – even for a first offense, being prosecuted for $5000 is a white collar crime that can carry serious penalties including jail time.





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Other types of trust theft and employee theft

Cheque fraud, or cheque forgery, can also fall under the heading of a trust theft. Depending on the measure of theft, the penalties from such crimes can be very serious. If you have been charged with a trust crime in Calgary, Alberta, carefully consider your relationship with your employer, as well as their corporate staff.

Defending Yourself

As you may imagine, being convicted of theft from an employer seriously jeopardizes your future career opportunities. Not to mention, puts you at risk of imprisonment and serious fines. Don’t face it alone – call Ryan Claxton today at 1-587-315-0447.

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